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Watts Chiropractic Center Empowers Patients

For over thirty years, Dr. Steven Watts has focused on sharing his knowledge and educating patients.  We believe this is the best way to empower you to achieve your health goals and move toward a lifetime of wellness – and it’s what sets us apart from other Maryville chiropractors.

“We offer Weekly Wellness Workshops covering a variety of health topics,” says Dr. Watts.  “We find that educating our patients helps them understand what’s going on with their health, and encourages them to make healthier lifestyle choices.” Some of our Weekly Wellness Workshop topics include:

  • Stress
  • Spinal exercise
  • Nutrition
  • Wellness

A Wellness-focused Maryville Chiropractor

Our focus on wellness is fueled by our understanding that when interference
is removed from the central nervous system; the body can function as it was
designed to. When this happens, healing naturally occurs from within.

This is why we work to create long-term relationships with our patients,
because achieving wellness is a process. At Watts Chiropractic Center

  • Work with you to understand your health goals
  • Help you move toward them
  • Educate you along the way so that you can better reach them
  • Support you as your goals grow and change

When you are ready to contact a chiropractor, give us a call at
(865) 983-3333. We’ll help you get started on your path to lifelong wellness.

Dr. Steven Watts
Watts Chiropractic Center
Phone: (865) 983-3333

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